Sterile Eyewash First Aid Kit with Inbuilt Wall Mountable Bracket

This sterile eyewash first aid kit comes complete with an integrated wall mounting bracket and a translucent front which shows the contents of the kit at a glance. In addition to holding 2x 500ml of our sterile eyewash solution it also has 2x eye dressings. The 500ml sterile eyewash bottles contain the active ingredient of 0.9% w/v sodium chloride solution and they can be used for both irrigating the eye and a wound. The integrated bracket gives this sterile eyewash station our most robust wall mounting system but still allows the flexibility for the first aid kit to be removed and used remotely.



This particular sterile eyewash first aid kit is a strong, durable ABS plastic first aid box with a clear front and integrated wall bracket. The kit itself contains 2x 500ml sterile eyewash solution bottles and ensures that all contents are kept dust and damp free. The kit also has two boxed eye dressings which can be used once the eye has been irrigated using the 500ml sterile eyewash solution.


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