20ml Sterile Eyewash First Aid Kit

This is a compact and versatile 20ml sterile eyewash solution first aid kit which is suitable for both low risk working environments and for also keeping in a vehicle. The kit itself contains 10x 20ml sterile eyewash pods which are single use and extremely easy to use. Simply twist of the top of the 20ml sterile eyewash pod and then irrigate the eye or wound with the sterile 0.9% w/v sodium chloride solution. The kit can easily be refilled using from a box of our standard 25 x 20ml sterile eyewash pods and with its wall mountable fitting it proves an extremely popular and cost effective provision of eyewash.



This is the most compact sterile eyewash first aid kit we sell and is extremely popular where space may be at a premium. It has an integrated wall bracket allowing the kit to have a fixed location, but still allows for the Fast Check internal box to be easily removed and transported to the site of any incident. This kit also proves popular with sports clubs as it is compact enough to be carried in either the normal physio’s bag or within a kit bag allowing small bits of mud etc. to be irrigated from the eye. The sterile eyewash first aid kit has a clip opening and opens to reveal 10x 20ml sterile eyewash pods which can be individually used to remove small foreign bodies in the eye, or to irrigate a small cut or graze. If the environment you have has a higher risk of larger foreign bodies or harmful splashes then one of our 500ml sterile eyewash kits may be more suitable.


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