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    Blue Dot Digital Thermometer

    Highly accurate and fast responding thermometer, with easy to read digital display. Break-resistant and child-safe probe. Accuracy + 0.1°C.
    Use orally, rectally or under the arm.

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    Forehead Thermometer

    This thermometer is an unbreakable, easy to use, quick reading, safe device that when used and read properly will accurately slow temperature trends. The forehead thermometer uses liquid crystal technology that changes colour in relation to the temperature of your forehead and these changes are accurate to ± 0.5°C.

  • Thermometers

    Infrared Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

    Using non-contact measurement, the high precision infrared sensor will determine the temperature of an individual, displaying the reading on its high definition LED digital display. For forehead use, between 1.5cm-5cm.
    Measurement range: 32.0°C~42.2°C
    Accuracy: ± 0.2°C
    Memory Recall: 32 Readings
    Automatic shutdown: 60s
    Resolution: 0.1°C