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    Plastic Scoop & Scraper

    The Plastic Scoop & Scraper is specially designed for the safe removal of body fluids in order to ensure a safe working environment and high level of hygiene. Use the scoop and scraper to remove Biohazard body spillĀ absorbents after a body fluid spill. Sturdy plastic construction will not deteriorate like card alternatives.

    The appropriate protective equipment should also be used …

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    Plastic Tweezers

    These plastic tweezers are suitable for safely handling biohazard materials.

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    Polythene Apron (Pack of 100)

    Disposable White Plastic Polythene Apron Pack of 100

    These disposable aprons provide a high level of hygiene for the user and are designed to protect clothing and skin against spills.
    Made from polythene, they are packaged in a roll and dispense simply and continuously. Each apron ties to secure the item around the back and has a loop to go around the …